Make Friends With The Sun


The days are getting brighter and the rays are getting stronger in most places this summer.

Ahhhh the sun, the brightest and biggest star, that delivers so many benefits to us. Think of it as an exclusive club (that everyone is invited to) and you don’t have to pay a cent. Now with most club memberships you have advantages just for being a part of the team. The sun is no different, Vitamin D, immune support, brain health, aides in the decreasing of asthma, a natural pain killer, a mood booster, these are just a few sun perks one can gain. 

Much like all things in life you need a balance. Not too little and not too much but just the right amount can improve you in just the right way. So how do you know what the right amount of sunlight is for yourself? Now each person is different, and their needs will vary, so no magic formula here unfortunately. But one thing every human does need is Vitamin D, and it is said that 5-15 minutes of sun exposure 2-3 times a week will prevent a Vitamin D deficiency. 

The right amount of sun is SO healthy so feel free to get out and about. Some things done before, during and after time spent in the sun can be so helpful in keeping healthy during these peaking temps. So I’ve put together a few ways to stay protected from the harmful effects.

1. HYDRATE - The first thing that probably comes to mind is water. Obviously keep sipping on that throughout the day. However there are a few less boring ways to keep your body in check. Foods can have hydrating benefits to name a few cucumbers, watermelons, celery, strawberries, and cantaloupe all have a water content of 90% or higher. 

If you enjoy sipping on something yummy throughout the day try adding cucumbers and fruits to infuse your water and give it a refreshing taste. Other alternatives to plain H2O are coconut water, aloe vera juice, and kombucha, these all have hydrating assets as well as antioxidants and are full of electrolytes.

Plus having a nice beverage with you in the heat is always nice, to make things easy here are two of my fave bottles I put my drinks in when I am pool side, HydroFlask, literally keeps anything cold for 24 hours which is a need in this AZ heat. BKR Spiked Glass Bottle, not only is this so cute, but their mission is to remedy the disposable plastic bottle epidemic. 

2. UV DEFENSE - The Vitamin D benefits mentioned above are proven most effective with no UV protection on, this way the sun is seeping directly into the skin. But if you plan on soaking up those rays longer than 15 minutes you should gear up. A study also shows that a person is most likely to be a victim to sunburns during the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. These hours are when the UV rays are the most direct and at their strongest. So plan accordingly. 

In order to beat these rays dermatologists recommend applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 before outside activity and a 30 SPF for everyday activity. In this COOLA Duo Pack you get the best of both world’s and they are both water resistant for 80 minutes, sweat proof, and have an easily applicable spray nozzle. Also for those of you who decided to brave the heat here is a setting mist by SUPERGOOP, with a 50 SPF, easy to use for a bare or glammed face. 

3. ACCESSORIZE TO PROTECT - Besides a cute bikini and some sunnies to match, sun accessories can be SO cute, and beneficial! Hats are not only your best friend on a bad hair day but now for your pool days too! This Brixton hat is so cute for a beach day, and this New Era baseball cap is perfect for a kickback and the bright color is on spot for Summer, and this Brixton Visor is perfect for all of your sun needs, not to mention it’s on sale! Block out those rays in style!

These cute totes, and makeup bags are the perfect accessory to keep all of your sun defense goodies close by your side. The most adorable Loefler Randall Tote, and with this ASOS Bum Bag you will never have to leave your SPF out of sight!

4. SALVAGE YOUR SKIN - Do you know that feeling after a day in the sun, where your skin is warm to the touch, a little bit darker than before, and dry from the chlorine and maybe too many rays? `Nothing feels better than a shower, some pizza, a blanket, and a very good moisturizer. But your skin needs more than just a normal lotion.  

What you are doing after the sun for keep your best self? Obviously continuing to hydrate, but water alone is not going to repair this skin. A good cream is needed, this is where looking at ingredients is huge. Don’t use a lotion solely based on the smell. Most “good smelling lotions” have alcohol’s in them which is actually going to dry out your skin. Collagen and proteins are really good to help rebuild any damaged skin cells, this COOLA After Sun Lotion helps support natural collagen synthesis and keeps skin hydrated in the meantime. This Tatcha Water Cream provides the skin with nutrients and 3 anti aging ingredients which can be imperative after the sun. 

Now that we all feel like the sun is our friend, and has something we can all gain from. We can proceed accordingly and safely! Happy sunning everyone!


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