What’s with all this pressure to share more on social media? It’s like…GOOD LORD people what MORE do you want me to share? I already share SO much of my life with you. I love that you want more of me and others. That you’re ok with my crooked smile and squeaky voice and ADD AF thoughts coming out of every corner of my mouth. Really, I do. But I am so paranoid on some stranger danger. SO let me live y’all. There are probably some things I will never share. I AM OK WITH THAT and I’m ok with what anyone else on any of these platforms wants to share too. Sharing is caring. I CARE. We all do it differently. We all have stories (and IG stories) and we all tell them differently. We different. The end.

I truly think it’s amazing when people open themselves up for the greater good. They share their whole body, mind and soul with you knowing you can take it and do whatever you want with it. These people are saints. They want change and I think that’s fantastic. Honestly, I love it. Stretch marks, mental health, underweight, overweight. Share TF out of that guys. It’s important. I, too, share my struggles, the ones I want to share and how I want to share them. God knows this year has been the hardest one of my life. There are times that I literally scream and cry. And this is how I choose to share that, by telling you later. When I feel stronger. 2018 started out as the best year of my life and ended on the worst note possible. I still can’t wrap my head around that. I have shared a little on Instagram but I am just not ready to fully acknowledge that part of my life. But believe me when I tell you that the struggle is absolutely real.

However, what I don’t love is when people online are ridiculed for sharing LESS. Like somehow that makes them fake or means they’re hiding something. Let us hide. This is the place I come to escape. I come here to create. I come here to add value to both of our lives. I am myself in every little square you see on Instagram. That’s me. That’s what I created. That square makes me happy and probably had my attention for hours, if not days. JUST ONE OF THOSE. Planning, organizing, creating, editing, posting. Please appreciate (like, comment, share) those little squares when you like what you see.

My focus this last year has been on myself. Making social media a healthy place for me to go was a PRIORITY. Because it is technically MY WORK. The minute I started feeling pressure, or less than, or honestly if someone just started getting on my nerves or felt toxic in anyway, I muted, blocked, unfriended, etc. Honestly, it’s never anything personal (ok, mostly) but I’m responsible for me. These tools are here for a reason. Use them for your own good. You can literally make people, places, and things DISAPPEAR.

The biggest reason I mute are the COMPLAIN-A-GRAMERS. I truly believe the good lord in heaven created the Instagram mute button because it’s like, honey, I love you, but these are not real problems. I got some of those if you need them. But I respect that you want to complain and I hope that it makes you feel better to let it all the way out…. but the best news is that I don’t have to see it. It brings me down when I’m probably, finally, having a good day or moment. You do you and I know where to find you if I need you. I still love you and I appreciate you doing you.

Please stop judging people. Ok, maybe they overshare that Gucci purse… but hey, maybe they’re just super proud of it. Don’t let people make you feel inferior because they’re sharing things that they are proud of. You have things that you are proud of too. Do you overshare things? (I’m so guilty - dog and baby and golden goose sneakers LOL NOT SORRY maybe some kale whatever)… Guys, here’s the thing, we actually are ALL really living in the real world. Maybe all the worlds are different, but everyone one of us has SOME shit going on sometimes —- but whether we do or we don’t (and we share or we don’t) doesn’t lessen how REAL we actually are. Life is up and down for every single person. Even Kim K.

And don’t hate on influencers. We hate that word, first of all. We love working for ourselves. We are risk takers. We are evolving. We are building businesses and brands and damnit, we are actually real people with families, and bills, and feelings. So when you preach all that love talk, remember us.

PLEASE let people be themselves. Stop the pressure. Go love those people on your social media…and if you don’t love all of them, then mute them.

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