I turned my home into a spa today and you can too


Guys, don't worry. All your problems are solved. ZEEL is launching in PHOENIX. Massages just about anytime I want them? YES PLEASE. 

Ok, so I got to try Zeel out today for you (thank you, btw, Zeel). And no joke, it's amazing. I got the best massage therapist and she listened to my every concern/need. She basically turned my apartment into a SPA. Music AND all. I was in heaven for 60 straight minutes and let me tell you, my daily life is changed. I feel like a million bucks! 

So basically, you download the Zeel app, request a massage, answer a few questions and your massage is booked. You can literally schedule up to one month in advance OR as little notice as an hour. CUH RAZY. Read more about how it works HERE.

Zeel has several other locations but it launches in Phoenix 3/21. Use my promo code and get a $25 credit --> 95bg