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This past weekend we got to stay at one of our favorite resorts, Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa in Sedona. We love visiting Sedona, especially during this time of year. It was a much needed getaway for our family. We definitely all came back feeling refreshed.


Kimpton Amara is just the best resort. It is so beautiful and so relaxing. They have the most comfortable guest rooms and there’s lots to do right there at the resort, which I love because we’re often in the mood for a lazy day.

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SaltRock Southwest Kitchen is the resort’s restaurant and it is just too good. They have the best food and drinks and the atmosphere is perfect. It’s one of those restaurants you will always love to dine at.

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The resort also has a relaxing spa and a 24-hour fitness center so you can fit in a quick workout, even on vacation.

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My favorite part about staying at the Amara? Getting to lounge by the pool, it is a total paradise. The pool is heated for chillier days and you seriously can’t beat the view.

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Actually, maybe my favorite part about the Amara is how dog-friendly they are. Bringing Hemingway along on family vacations is so important to us and Kimpton Amara makes it so easy. They totally catered to him and he had the best time.

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There’s also a ton of things to do and see in Sedona and the Amara Resort is located in the perfect place to be close to it all. Everywhere you look you see Sedona’s beautiful red rock, not to mention all the best nearby restaurants and shops.

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I love knowing that when we’re done doing it all, we have the coziest accommodations to come back to.

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Click here if you want to learn more about the Amara Resort and Spa.

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My stay was hosted by Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa. All opinions are my own.