Health Conscious Phoenix/Scottsdale Food Guide


When I had to leave my green-juice-filled, walks on the beach, endless restaurant options happy state of mind, to come to the desert, I was worried about many things. But one of my main concerns was what the hell I am I going to eat in ARIZONA….

Fast forward three years later and I can personally vouch for this dry, unfairly hot, desert town. There are some great spots all over the valley that keep me full, happy, and healthy. There are so many great options that fill my body, soul, and Instagram feed.

Now I am one who loves finding new places to eat, as I am sure you have all noticed. But I also am someone with a great balance in life. So as much as I would love to have pizza and wine all day everyday…. till the day I die, I am one to compromise.

Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy green juices, kale, and salmon as much as the pizza and wine, sometimes even more. But that is the thing with healthy, it just has to be done right and it will always be good! So I am here to give my rundown on the best health conscious places here in the Phoenix area.

Farm & Craft - This cute little spot not only has the best decor ever but also food with a purpose. Their menu is purposefully designed to offer foods that provide something more than just filling an empty stomach. Whether it is anti-inflammatory needs, adding probiotics or antioxidants, or reducing stress they have got you covered. So yummy with no guilt!

Kaleidoscope - Such a cute little juice bar that has more to offer than juice! Their acai bowls are SO good and they have the best locally pressed juices in town! Three locations, all so cute!

Flower Child - You know how I said I like to have a balance, well this is where it comes in handy. The mother earth bowl (add salmon or chicken) is so delish and filling, and if there is room for dessert they have heavenly brownies sold in store! I feel like I can find a Flower Child at every corner of town lately, but I am not complaining.

True Food Kitchen - This is exactly what we should all be eating, foods that are true! Whether you are wanting a sit down dinner, lunch meeting, or Postmates… you can’t go wrong with True Food. They follow an anti inflammatory approach to food, and have so many options from cocktails, to appetizers, to desserts. The teriyaki bowl is so yummy, and a pro-tip I order the crudité and it is so big it lasts me a couple of days There are only two of them here but they’ve expanded to different places in the US.

Original Chop Shop - If you follow me on Instagram you know this is an all time fave. Not only do I love every single thing on the menu, but I also love the bright and crisp atmosphere. Power greens juice is a MUST, and we all know how I love a good kale caesar and this one doesn’t disappoint. Not to mention they just opened up a location so close to me it may be dangerous!