Have Some Wine | Here's The Benefits


Two of my favorite things, wine and health benefits. I like when things are nutritious. Although I think I would still guzzle down some fermented grapes on a regular basis if the only thing it did was taste amazing. But after some thorough research I am happy to announce I get so much more done just by sipping away at the glass.

Red, white, sparkling, dry, whatever the type, I do not discriminate. Wine has been there for me through good times and bad and besides comforting me, thankfully it has long term positive effects on my health.

Here is the rundown of why you should grab the nearest bottle and drink along with me.

Antioxidants. Not only can you detoxify your body with your daily green juice but you can also double down with a glass of vino at night. Antioxidants found in wines protect cells from free radicals. These wonderful effects are mainly found in a glass of red wine, so go ahead and drink out of the bottle while taking a hot bath (we’ve all done it, no?)!

Brain health. Who knew wine could make you smarter? With the prevention of memory loss and slowing of brain aging you’re going to be in tip top shape! Once again red wine is the winner here, it has a component called Resveratrol. This component improves mood, cognitive memory, and protects the brain’s neurons.

Cancer prevention. These days it seems like everything can cause cancer, so it is imperative to find the little things that have the reverse effects. In this case it just so happens to be one of the worlds many wonders, a nice cabernet sauvignon. Or any other wine in that matter, the antioxidants are back at it again. This time reducing the risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancers. It has also been studied to protect agains neck and head cancers by killing cancer causing cells.

Heart health. One or two glasses a day of your favorite vino can decreases the chance of a stroke by 10%. It also enhances blood vessel health which improves blood flow and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Fat burning. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better you read this. That is right ladies if you ever needed an excuse to skip a night at the gym this is it. That little angel resveratrol comes into play again, turning your white fat into brown. This is fat that is easier to burn. Not only does it help burn fat it also prevents fat cells from forming. Red wines have a component Piceatannol which stops early stage fat cells from forming!

SO MANY BENEFITS. So don’t feel guilty about your unwinding routine.