Favorite Smoothie Add-Ins


I have always had a love for smoothies. You can pack so much nutrition into one meal, it’s amazing. However, you’ll want to make sure you are putting the right stuff in there to ensure you are getting the most out of your morning smoothie.

Here’s some of my favorites that I would add to a smoothie for both taste and health reasons:

Avocado, typically I like to add a little bit of avocado into my smoothies for thickness, healthy fats, and obviously it just tastes really good.

Turmeric, this gem of a powder has recently become super popular everywhere, but I have been using it for it’s benefits for years. It has natural anti-inflammatories and increases brain productivity along with many other benefits. It is an easy add in to any smoothie and the earthy flavor can go with just about anything.

Cinnamon, this is an all time fave of mine. Not only does it make things taste so much better but cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels and may even protect against cancer. Plus the taste adds a hint of natural sweetness without actually adding any sugar.

Coconut oil, my OG. Many of you know I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING, not kidding. So obviously I like to add some to my smoothies to ensure I am getting those healthy fats.

Maca, this tasty powder is well known for balancing hormones and increasing sex drive and fertility. It even tastes a little bit like chocolate!

Collagen, another internet craze, but this one has so many benefits so I’m not even mad about it. It promotes skin elasticity, protects your organs, bones, and muscles, improves digestive health, and may even reduce cellulite.