Five Favorite Cold Weather Pieces


I love getting cozy in cute and warm pieces during this time of year. Here are five of my current favorites!

  1. Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots - These boots have become an essential piece of my winter closet ever since I got them. They are SO cute and look so good over my favorite jeans. I seriously can’t get enough of these. I’m going to be so bummed when this cold weather goes away and I can’t wear them anymore because they truly make every outfit so much better.
  2. Turtleneck Sweaters - These are so cute right now! I love them because they are cozy and you can throw one on with a pair of jeans and your outfit looks totally put together. This one is a fave of mine! I love how fuzzy it is and it’s neutral in color so it literally matches everything. It’s super warm and cozy so it’s perfect for chilly nights here in Phoenix, or I can pair it with a cute skirt and some booties and rock it during the day.
  3. Ruffled Sweaters - I love ruffle details on sweaters, they seriously take every sweater from plain to cute. I love this one because it has little slits on each side, plus I’m obsessed with this shade of blue. The color of the sweater is actually called “cloud mix”, it seriously doesn’t get any cuter than that.
  4. Casual Sweatshirts - Sweatshirts like this one have recently become a huge favorite of mine. I love them because they’re practical and versatile, but also really trendy. I can throw one on in the morning with a pair of leggings and go to the gym, run my errands, have lunch, etc. Basically, these kinds of sweatshirts look and feel good for anything the day has instore for me.
  5. Faux Fur Coats - Okay, these coats look cute with everything. Unfortunately, since I live in Phoenix, I had to wait a little longer to break them out of my closet, but it’s finally time! Okay, at least in the evening it’s finally time. Plus, I’ve been traveling to chillier places lately so it has totally come in handy several times and I LOVE wearing it. This one is a favorite of mine because it’s cozy and such a cute rose color.