Favorite Game Day Snack | Featuring Popchips


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I love Game Day! I think it’s so fun to gather with friends and family and watch the game while eating all of our favorite snacks. I usually end up spending the entire day snacking, so I make it a priority to only pick up healthy snacks that won’t leave me feeling guilty. I love to stock up on fruit and veggies, guacamole, charcuterie plates, and one of my Game Day faves, Popchips! Popchips are definitely a favorite of mine because they are never fried and only contain real ingredients. Plus, they they are gluten-free, kosher, have no trans fats, cholesterol, or preservatives. They seriously have nothing artificial in them and they meet USDA Smart Snack guidelines. This is all so important as it allows me to feel good about what I’m eating.


Popchips truly are the perfect snack for when you’re trying to be health conscious but still want to snack, especially during the big game! It pretty much feels as if the whole day revolves around eating. That totally spells trouble if you aren’t consciously choosing healthier snacks. Popchips are perfect because they are so yummy and they will leave you feeling good about your choices! They are definitely my go-to snack for when I need to indulge a little without the guilt, and these truly do taste indulgent.

Popchips has so many yummy flavors but my favorites are the Zesty Jalapeno Cheddar and the Buffalo Ranch Ridges. Zesty Jalapeno Cheddar is the best because it is seriously bursting with so much flavor. They are cheesy with lots of jalapeno heat, so they are pretty spicy, which I love! It’s hard to put them down, but luckily that’s not such a bad thing thanks to the reduced calories and fat. Buffalo Ranch is another one of my faves because it seriously tastes like I’m eating buffalo wings but without the mess. Again, they have so much flavor and they are so yummy! This is definitely another spicy one that is so addicting.

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My favorite part about adding Popchips to my Game Day spread is how versatile they are. Since they come in so many flavors, they can replace other less healthy snacks that I might have have had on our table. Plus, so many of the flavors taste great with your favorite dips and spreads. Definitely check out all of the flavors Popchips has to offer and then make sure to add your favorites to your own game day spread!