10 Tips from a Coachella Veteran


This time of year, for the last SIX, I was getting my outfits in line and dieting for Coachella. I made so many amazing memories and feel blessed to have experienced it in what many would call its prime (and many would disagree, I like to believe the latter). 

Anyway, if you've never been it can seem like this crazy unattainable event that only celebrities go to. And, in a way, it is. It's super expensive to go to Coachella, especially if you don't live on the West Coast. 

If you don't already have plans in line for this year's festival, it's likely that you're not going. Tickets are hard to come by unless you want to buy them off of Craigslist for 5x their worth, and housing is another HORSE entirely. 

However, I realize that a lot of you are going for the first time so I wanted to put together a little list of tips to make your trip successful. Because it's likely that you spent your college tuition on a ticket and place to stay :) ... lets do this!


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#1) WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES (closed toe). Yes, you will see celebrity photos going up and they're in 5-inch wedges --- these won't work for you. You're most likely not getting dropped off at the main door (you will at least have to walk a mile from where you're allowed to get dropped to the security gate). Even those "normal" people with VIP passes don't wear heels... just don't do it.

#2) Plan a physical meeting spot with your friends at the time you plan to leave. Someone in your group will get lost, drunk, OTHER, and lose their phone (phone will die, get stolen). They can always ask someone else what time it is and go to that spot and wait for you to arrive.

#3) Bring a travel size package of disinfectant wipes. You will need them after you leave the horrible, disgusting bathrooms (especially on day 3). 

#4) Don't drink after anyone. Believe me, you will be tempted so be prepared. Think: you're in a crowded tent waiting on Kaskade and you've been drinking like.. ALL day and yesterday and the day before -- you're dehydrated AF and someone's passing water bottles around like Mother Teresa....DON'T do it. You will spend the next week in bed with flu-like symptoms. Believe me. LOL.

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#5) Choose 1-2 shows a day because you won't have time to make it to more than that. Plan out the shows you want to see with your friends. There will be disagreements but make sure to work out the schedule ahead of time. Also, know that the schedule will change. Choose the shows that you can't live without and go to those. It takes a ton of time to get from stage to stage, especially with drunk people that have to pee or need a beer... etc. Print out the set-list and take it with you to save your battery.

#6) Don't carry a backpack. Because if you do, you will be carrying all of your friend's shit. Bring a small ass bag and include: hand wipes, ID, chapstick, bandana!

#7) EAT. The food at Coachella is world class casual dining. It's delicious so DON'T FORGET ABOUT IT.

#8) Wear sunblock if you make it there before sunset. LOL.

#9) Watch the forecast -- if there's going to be a dust storm bring a hoodie and bandana. The dust hurts like hell and you definitely DO NOT want to breathe it in. 

#10) If you're not staying close enough to walk to the festival - HIRE A DRIVER. It's seriously the best thing you can do. They will drop you off and pick you up and you can split it with everyone else that is going. It's even worth it to hire a driver and pay for them to go to the festival and stay sober. Because YOU are going to GO AFTER IT.


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