CCB Easy AF Avocado Toast


There's nothing quite like avocado toast. However, it's super easy to take avo toast and turn it into a calorie and carb BOMB.

I wanted to share one that I make daily. I love this one because it's full of all the good fats, proteins, and fiber. Every piece of it is "good for you." And it's not an overload of carbohydrates and/or calories. AND IT TASTES GOOD AF! Oh, and it's super easy (did I say that?).

Making good avo toast is all about the ingredients, not the time. 

You will need:

Yuzu Kosho Hot Sauce (it's citrusy and fragrant and nothing else will work) 

Chili Lime Seasoning (nothing else will work)

European Style Bread (I like Trader Joe's or Dave's Killer Bread, cut thinly, toasted)

And obviously an avocado.

Depending on my mood, I either slice the avo thinly and lay them nicely on the bread, then drizzle the yuzu and sprinkle the chili. BUT NORMALLY, I'm in a hurry hurry hurry and mix it in a bowl and place it on top of the top and RUN (upstairs, to my desk).