Blogger + Cruffins + Blogger


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has been on my radar for quite some time. Thankfully I connected with Babein' On a Budget through Instagram (true millennials, sorry for meeting people online mom) and she proposed that we go to Mr. Holmes. I was not going to turn that offer down!


I met Angela at 8:30(am) at the Bakeshop. It was a much smaller space than we both expected and all the seats were already taken. The funny part about this is that no one had a pastry but we later found out it was because they were all there for the cruffins, just like us. We were just chatting away when we noticed a line had formed outside and no one even told us. This was the cruffin line!!! Thankfully it wasn't too long, could you imagine if they had run out of cruffins while we were sitting there talking? A tip for anyone wanting to try to cruffins.. they come out at 9am so go ahead and get in line even if there isn't one formed yet. 

KOW 2016-5-2 bakeshop.jpg

The first thing I noticed about Angela was that she had extremely long eyelashes. She was so pretty and so put together (she is a style blogger, after all) that she had me second guessing my leather jacket and sneaker combo. 


Babein' On a Budget is a fashion and lifestyle blog that helps you stay in style while not spending all of your rent money. Angela lives in SF so I'm sure she's a PRO at budgeting and I could tell right away that she had great style. Angela also keeps her blog interesting by adding in great local finds - there are just so many amazing places in SF that only a local could tell you about. 


It was a morning of pastries, new friendships, and rain. Angela and I even found out we have a friend in common! We plan on meeting up again soon <3

Check out Babein' On A Budget: Blog, Instagram, Twitter, and her post on our trip to Mr. Holmes