Quick Tips on Being Healthy | Me & My Pup


Making healthy choices on a daily basis can actually be easy. But what about when it comes to your pets? I don't know if you saw my previous post, but it's kind of scary how unregulated the food we're feeding our pets can be. I've tried to keep it plain and simple for you here. 



  • Have one green tea a day.
  • Go for the greens, at least 3 servings per day. I like to start with a green juice right off the bat (mostly vegetables like spinach and kale). 
  • Take the stairs, always. 
  • Go bun-less. Skip the bread to feel a little lighter every day.



Hemingway and his furry friends...

  • Choose treats that are wheat free.
  • Snack AND food should always be mostly good sources of protein like chicken, egg, fish, beef and pork.
  • Use coconut oil on coat after showers.
  • Keep snacking to a minimum. One snack per day or less is usually a good rule of thumb (for humans and pets).
  • Play outside at least three times a day to burn calories and get the heart rate up.

The best thing we've have done for Hemingway thus far is switching his food from kibble to Nom Nom Now. Fresh food will always be better. He prefers it, and so do we. Try it for yourself using my code COLLECTIVELYCANDICE for 50% off of your first order. Nom Nom Now discounts our food, but only because I reached out to them and asked them if they would want to collaborate AFTER I read their mission. 

We are so happy with it, and Hemingway is too!