Smoothie Sunday : A Major Anti-Inflammatory Concoction


I can't wait to make this smoothie for breakfast tomorrow!

I'm switching things up a bit here from my usual green smoothie recipes, to a fresh and vibrant one with just as many nutrients!

Turmeric has major anti-inflammatory properties which makes those little joint aches and pains vanish. I have lots of little injuries from surgeries and snowboarding accidents that flare back up when I'm hitting the gym hard and I do NOT like to be slowed down. If there is a natural remedy, you can bet I will try it. This one WORKS. There are also some diuretic properties in the ingredients in this smoothie so it's the perfect concoction after a night (or weekend) of eating heavy foods and drinking. 

So that's why I picked turmeric for this week's smoothie! 

Feel free to use fresh turmeric and fresh ginger in this recipe. I'm using the powdered versions here to make this a very simple recipe. 


You will need. . .

1 cup of Almond Milk (preferrably plain and free of nasty carrageenan) or other dairy/non-dairy

1 tspn ground turmeric (or use 1/2 inch piece of fresh)

1 tspn ground ginger (or use 1/2 inch fresh)

3 medium carrots, diced (or juiced)

1/2 whole grapefruit - leave a portion of the peel on - cut into quarter pieces or smaller

Ginger helps curb genetic mutations that transform normal cells into cancer cells. Ginger contains powerful inflammatories and antioxidant properties as well. 

Carrots are rich in protective carotene and protect the skin from sun damage. They also help protect against lung, bladder, stomach, prostate and colon cancers.

Grapefruits are detoxifying and they contain naringenin which slows the growth of breast cancer cells; the peel contains d-limonene which may help in keeping pancreatic and colorectal cancers at bay (so add a bit of the peel if you're feeling adventurous.

Bananas are high in potassium and low in sodium, they help reduce blood pressure and equalize blood sugar levels.


Blend all ingredients together in high power blender (Vitamix recommended) with ice.

Option to add dates or honey to make it a bit sweeter. 

Option to add cold green tea for a boost. 

Option to add coconut oil or ghee for more fat.


Post inspiration from Rosanna Davison Nutrition.

A few sources to back up my information . . . here and here.