Pours Coconut Oil Over Entire Life


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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with coconut oil like the rest of the world. We are obsessed for good reason though. There are so many uses for this stuff that I really can't even list them all. If something goes wrong in my household, I reach for the coconut oil. If someone has a belly ache, "here, have a spoonful" . . . the list really does go on and on. Using coconut oil for basically everything saves SO much money. 

This list in NO way covers everything I use coconut oil for but it's a good start. Some things, well, I just didn't know how to describe to you. So follow me on Snapchat (candeeland) and maybe you will catch the others at some point!

Two things you should know about coconut oils -- Expeller pressed or refined oils work for external uses, but for internal uses, always used unrefined virgin coconut oils. 

Numero Uno and maybe most important - Coconut oil has a high smoke point so it's much safer to cook with than say, olive oil or any of the others you may be using. 

2) Coconut oil emulsifies in coffee and almost acts as a creamer. I love putting a little in my coffee every other morning. The fat in the oil really helps to sustain the caffeine rush too. Giving you a more natural energized feeling instead of the boost and dip feeling. 

3) I use it as a hair mask before every other shampoo. Cover your hair with coconut oil for 30 minutes to an hour before showering and your hair will never look or feel as soft. It really does help prepare stressed hair. Don't forget to rub it into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. I love to wear my coconut cap to Barre or Yoga and kill two birds with one stone! Most people just think I'm sweaty but I'm real coconut lovers know exactly what's up!

4) After a sunburn, or any kind of burn for that matter rub it into the skin. It will help with the coming dryness over the next few days. 

5) I wear coconut oil as a nightly face mask. First, apply your favorite face products to your skin, then apply a thin layer of coconut oil all over your face. The coconut oil locks in your other products and leaves your skin feeling soft and dewy in the morning. Our skin loses moisture when we sleep and the coconut oil stays on the face to make sure that doesn't happen. 

6) Rub coconut oil onto your eye lashes and eyebrows to help grow them back. I do this every single night. Just make sure you don't get the oil into your eyes because it's not easily washed out. 

7) When allergy season hits and the inside of your nose gets raw, rub a little on the inside with a Q-tip and it will alleviate the dryness.

8) Mix coconut with salt or sugar to create a natural exfoliating scrub. It's amazing. You make this stuff in bulk and store it in a mason jar. I even love to give these away as gifts. 

9) I add coconut oil to sage and rub it on my nose at night. It distresses me and I go right to sleep. You can add coconut oil to any essential oil though for all sorts of purposes.  

10) When I'm sick, I melt a little coconut oil in my warm chamomile tea and it coats my throat and eases the soreness (also give my immune system a little boost).

11) When I'm going out for a hike, I mix peppermint oil with a little coconut oil and rub myself down with it. It repels bugs (mostly bees, since I'm allergic). 

12) I use coconut oil right out of the jar as lip balm and cuticle healer. 

I have a jar of coconut oil in almost every nook in my place. I hope you find as many uses for it as I have. 

There are definitely more ways to use it and I find new ones everyday. This list should give you a good idea of the most practical ways to use it. There are so many recipes for soaps, deodorants, etc online but coconut oil is actually pretty easy to incorporate into your day when used right out of the jar. 

I've now said COCONUT OIL so many times that you're in a coconut oil trance.

I'd love to hear the ways you use coconut oils at home!?? Anything weird is welcomed.

Start with one jar and make your day a little healthier! 


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All uses were inspired over the years from research. But I got some fun refresher facts from here and here to prove my points.