8 Daily Tweaks That Make Your Life Better


A few tweaks to my daily routine has helped me find a little more inner peace. I used to make time for all sorts of daily rituals that make me happy like reading, meditating, yoga, taking a bath, or going for a walk. However, having a kid really does throw a wrench in things (a good wrench, but a wrench nonetheless). Most of your day is highly unpredictable, making organization feel like a foreign country. So something as simple as scheduling in a few moments to yourself may help you like it does me.

As a mom, it’s important for your babe to have some sort of sleeping schedule that’s pretty reliable. Of course, there will be days where this takes a detour… but most days you should be able to sorta-kinda predict what time the baby will wake up. If you have some sort of sleep schedule, you can schedule in YOU time. Even if it’s not strict, you can make it work like we do! So here are the things I pepper my day with that make an overall positive impact on my life. Sometimes I can only do one, but it’s a REALLY good day when I can do all!

Devote your time to affirmations or daily devotions. Instead of chugging my coffee in the morning, I have it slowly with a daily devotional of some sort. This has really helped me focus on myself in more than one way. I have to wake up early to do this. Two I love: God Hears Her, The Confident Woman

I find a few minutes a day to stop and read my book. Not a self-help book, I save that for devotional time or mornings. I read a book that I enjoy. A story. Two I’m loving right now: The Nightingale, The Alchemist

I make time for a workout. This doesn’t have to mean you leave the house. This also doesn’t have to mean a whole hour. You just need to move. You can find lots of quick workouts on Youtube! Yes, even if you only have five minutes. No one has EVER regretted a workout (that i know of) and I’m telling you, this is an important one!! (endorphins and good looks, to name a few). Here’s a good one: 5 Minute Workout

I clean up as I go along. Of course, there are sometimes this isn’t possible. But, I’ve found that if I just put it back the way it was NOW, I have less to do LATER. I’m calmer when things are in order…period. Who else?

I meditate. I know what you’re thinking… I don’t have time for this! But if you have ONE minute, you have time. One way I find that I can fit this in everyday is the Calm App. I’m not exactly comfortable with my own thoughts when things get too quiet these days. I’ve had a hard time going back to Yoga even, since my dad passed away. One day I’ll find myself back there. But for now, I like to feel a little busier and be a little more distracted. But I still need to clear my head and my own thoughts. So at night, I turn on a Calm App sleep story and drift off to sleep. Click this link for a 30 day free pass to CALM (only the first five people to sign up will get to use this).

I wear the best sleep mask and go to bed as early as possible. Sometimes it’s not a sleep mask though. Some people sleep better in great PJs. Find something that makes you feel incredibly comfortable. Go to bed the minute you get the chance! —- My absolute favorite sleep mask in the whole world AND I HAVE TRIED THEM ALL.

Eat something nutritious. You don’t have to go on a diet. Just add something healthy in to the mix. Maybe eat some broccoli or make a nice green smoothie! Eating nutritious food improves your health, that’s a fact.

Call a loved one. A friend, a family member. Hearing a familiar voice does good things for your mood.

Hope these help you like they help me!