My Everyday Skincare Routine

Candice Mathis - My Everyday Skin Care Routine

Great skin starts from the within. Are you eating for great skin? What about sleep... are you getting at least 8 hours? And last but not least, WATER. Drink it.

Start today by adding the following to your diet;

sweet potatoes: loads of vitamin A that can help fight the bacteria that causes acne. Sweet potatoes are also naturally anti-inflammatory. 

apples: loads of vitamin c which helps to keep skin firm and radiant. 

spinach: anti-inflammatory properties that flush out toxins, leaving your skin clean and clear.

carrots: carrots are high in betacarotene which the body converts into vitamin A. You will get that dewy/glowy effect.

lemons: high in vitamin C which is needed in the synthesis of collagen.

beets: want pink and glowy skin? Eat beets! The anthocyanins (very powerful antioxidant) prevents the appearance of wrinkles. 

pumpkin seeds: full of zinc! which is vital in the creation of new skins cells.

tomatoes: loaded up with lycopene which is an anti-aging antioxidant that can help shield your skin from the sun (from within) and also helps to tighten pores and prevent acne.

strawberries: malic acid which brightens the skin and antioxidants for radiance. 


Products and Regimen

at night

I wash my face with Rose Face Wash because it is very light and doesn't strip my face of its natural oils.

If I've been drinking or it's just a late night in general, I use Face Wipes because it's better to use a wipe than to ever sleep in your makeup.

Almost every night I use a Rose Water Toner after washing, then I apply a Maple Tree Sap Face Prep Sauce to prepare my skin for the following skincare. This step helps my skin absorb the products which helps boost their effectiveness.  Next, I apply Milk, Rosehip Oil, and then a Heavy Cream. I let that sit for about 5 minutes before I lock it all in with a little Coconut Oil. I make sure to apply all creams and oils to my neck and around my eyes. I even apply coconut oil to the tips of my eye lashes but you have to be careful doing this as coconut oil will burn your eyes if you get it in them. When I lay down to sleep, I apply Lip Moisturizer and let the beauty rest begin!

Before I go to sleep, I ALWAYS apply Jojoba Oils to my chest and tops of my hands and cuticles (also amazing under your makeup for hydration). I cover my feet in Coconut Oil and sleep with socks on (super weird, right?). 

in the morning

I wash again with Rose Face wash. If I'm headed to Pilates, I only apply Rose Hydrating Gel so that my skin can breathe and sweat while I'm working out. If I'm getting ready for the day, I wash my face as usual and apply Rose Stem Cell Oil (helps to protext from the sun), Lotus Cream, and moisturizer

Once a week I use a Clarisonic Plus on my face, neck, chest and hands. I supplement with many other products daily, but these products are part of my every day routine. I also use face masks a few times a month or when necessary. 

I am a weekly spray tanner and I like to use this on my face and neck before I go in!! I LOVE THIS STUFF. It makes my face feel and look so supple. I have noticed a significant difference in the texture of my skin now that I've been using this weekly. 

For full body skincare, I dry brush daily, exfoliate once a week, and apply Khiel's lotion every single day (for like the last 7 years) to my entire body (except the face). I also love THIS stuff for soft body moisture. 


I know this sounds like a lot but it's not once you get into a routine. It's the little things you do every day that add up and change you/your skin. ALL of this takes me less than five minutes a night and makes such a difference!! If at the moment you do not have a skincare routine, start slowly so that your skin can adjust. 

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