it's only the beginning! phoenix fashion week.

Phoenix Fashion Week - Runway Models

I was so excited to attend this event. The entire concept is just SO cool to me. Most of you may not know, but when I was younger I worked for a talent agency not only as a model/actor, but also as a scout and trainer. I LOVE runway shows and watching talented people shine. 

Phoenix Fashion Week Presents: Emerging Designers and Models 2016

That's exactly how this PHX Fashion event went down. The designers that participated were selected ahead of time for Phoenix Fashion Week and are going to undergo a sort-of Fashion Bootcamp... sounds scary. Anyway, the winner gets $10,000 and a nice little package to help them be successful. 


Upon arriving to Livewire where the event was hosted, I noticed right away that this was not your typical valley event. People were unusually beautiful and dressed very, very well. 


I'm pretty excited to see how the models and the designers evolve as October approaches. Check back for updates!