Wine With A View | Travel Guide


As I was sipping on my glass of sauvignon blanc watching the waves crash against the sandy beach and the sun set into the pinky orange sky, all three of my babes by my side,  I couldn’t help but think nothing is better than this. Traveling has always been my strong suit, I thrive in new cities, new restaurants, new people all around me. Which also got me thinking that I have had my daily glass of vino in so many amazing places that I must share!

So I am going to give you all the best places to sit down for happy hour and find that zen kind of happy with beautiful surroundings!

First stop La Jolla of course. Catania has a beautiful lit atmosphere and I am here for it. This Italian spot on the coast has a view, wood fired pizzas and of course the wine! Basically you will feel like you are on the coast of Italy without even leaving the states.

The cobblestone’s of Paris, they are so pretty, but sometimes that is just not enough! I highly recommend you grab a seat at Ciel De Paris, you get an entire skyline view of the city of love. What better way to enjoy it than with a glass of chardonnay. You won’t regret it!

While we are on the topic of skylines, the most iconic one New York City. Right off of Hudson Pier you can find City Vineyard, you get an amazing city skyline view but also a view off of the water. Beast of both worlds. Plus they have oysters, cheese, and wine, not sure you need much more in life.

If you have time to escape the city that never sleeps out to the Hampton’s for a slower vibe than definitely go to Beacon Sag Harbor. This cute little nook right on the dock has a full wine list and is perfect for brunch festivities.

I am a big fan of these city skyline and water view combos, at Westward Seattle you get just that. The perfect place to sip on merlot and get some amazing seafood!

Chi town, so many good options here it is hard to choose! But if I was forced I would say Z Bar has the best terrace view of the windy city. Some amazing cocktail options but most importantly wine options.

Phoenix, my very own desert town may be known for it’s brown scenery but there are some sweet spots that can take your breath away. At Elements a restaurant at The Sanctuary resort and spa, tucked away in the mountains you get an amazing view. The pretty palm trees, with silhouettes of the mountains of in the distance a great place for some vino and sunset watching!

Lake Tahoe is like a home away from home! Beautiful all four seasons of the year and you don’t get many views like the one at The Bistro Edgewood. Perfect landscape of the lake and the mountains and possibly the best glass of sauv!

Wine country the most obvious best place to enjoy your daily glass, but also such a calm relaxing place. But the Blankiet Winery will have you dreaming like you are in the backside of Rome and the wine tastes even better than that!

Santa Barbara one of the many beautiful places of California. Something about the ocean view from Tyde’s Restaurant at The Four Seasons! It is seriously like a dream, and in my dreams there is always Rosé.

Hope this encourages everyone to go out and grab a glass of your fave wine and just relax tonight!