Why You Should Switch To Organic Tampons


As we all know I am organic everything! I get it, sometimes it may not be an option but using clean products, especially where it counts, will only add positive things to your life.

Being a woman we get so many “great” pleasures that men don’t have. The wider hips, child birth, societal pressure, and everyones favorite: periods. I have recently started to realize that many women just grab what is convent and go. I understand women are busier than ever these days. But your easy go to’s do not have to be unhealthy.

We watch what we eat, we use sunscreen, the have a skincare routine, so why not care more about what literally is going inside of your body? Organic tampons have never been easier to find!

I use organic tampons for many reasons. One of them being the vagina is the most absorbent part of my body. Conventional tampons can carry harmful chemicals. To name a few: chlorine, dioxins, glyphosate, polyethylene, and rayon. These are common compounds found in things like weed killer, antifreeze, and plastic bags! Not to mention some of them have been found to be cancer causing compounds.

If that alone doesn’t scare you into organic then keep reading.

Besides the cancer, some other health problems can occur from using traditional tampons. Birth defects, infertility, vaginal dryness, and hormone disruption are all possibilities. Another issue they cause is Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is caused by the chemicals used, especially if the tampon is left in for a long period of time. There have been no reports of TSS from any organic tampons thus far.

Organic can also offer the fact that they are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, they have BPA-free applicators and are chemical free. So for your own health and the planet go clean and go organic! You won’t be disappointed, in fact you won’t even notice a difference in comfort.

If you are not sure where to start here are some of my faves.