Why I Chose Hypnobirthing


I like my food and my products, healthy, natural, and organic. So it’s no surprise I approached pregnancy and birth the same way.  Everything leading up to labor and delivery was pure and raw. And I wanted the same for my birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing is a method that teaches you how to self-hypnotize in order to give birth as naturally as possible. The technique is said to get rid of any fears, and when the body is fear free a women’s body functions in a more effective way, especially her uterus. Pain is lessened with hypnobirthing because you are able to enter a natural state of mind and naturally calm yourself.

Hypnobirthing, also known as The Mongan Method has been around for about eighteen years, created by a hypnotherapist and hypno-anaesthesiologist Marie Mongan. The method was based off of work from an English Obstetrician who had noticed women who were calmer during birth tended to experience less pain. Hypnobirthing releases any fear that can lead to tension in the body causing muscles to tighten.

Aside from the main benefit of hypnobirthing (less pain and less drugs) it has many other benefits, that last way beyond birth. Some of these amazing hypnobirthing side effects include, making babies calmer at birth, can ease the process of breastfeeding, there have been fewer cases of post-natal depression, babies are more alert and score higher on the Apgar (all my experience as well), and it can increase the chances of a quicker recovery. Just to think a single breath, can change the entire process of me giving life to another living breathing being is crazy!

Not to mention the technique is something for you and your partner to get on board with. Expecting father’s can take a hypnobirthing class to learn the technique, this way he is more helpful to the mother at the time of delivery. It is said to strengthen relationships between birth partners and dads also the bond with his child is that much deeper.

My favorite hypnotherapist is Jeanette Briem. She hypnotized me IRL back in 2011 when I was in Denmark and I have remained her friend and patient since. She knew I’d love to get my hands on her English hypnobirthing audios and they made such a difference. I am 100% certain that my water broke and my labor was easy because of these audios. I listened each night and sometimes during the day. When my water broke, I had a special audio that soothed and calmed me for delivery. You can purchase these audios here for yourself. They come highly recommended by me.