wears and wonders in maui



[Me in AdoreMe]


I love Hawaii! There’s something about the sun, the warm(ish) salty water, and relaxation floating in the air. It brings me back down to earth. Literally squeezing sand between my toes without a worry in the world. My skin breathes and I eat healthier (however, the cocktails flow freely). It’s a carefree place and my gypsy soul loves everything about it. 



The cutest little clothing store “Mahina” has everything you need to get your “chill girl” vibe goin’ . . . and it’s so affordable (so pack lightly and stock up while you’re in the area). That’s me pictured above in a Mahina cover-up (it was my outfit the night before). The beach hat is ASOS brand. I love buying beachy hats for cheap because by the end of the trip I stuff them in the bag and hope they get their structure back by the next trip. 



[Pictured Above] VIX Swimsuit & Tom Ford Sunnies, they don’t make it to the beach though. 

Oh . . .Hawaii, what is it about you. . .

I don’t feel the need to dress up, I wear my suntan proudly! The only times I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Maui were for weddings. So you have to at least brush your hair for those things. But, that’s about as far as I get!



I don’t think it’s a secret that I love my designers! But, I have to say, I’ve found some cutesy swim suits on AdoreMe lately. They’re trendy and affordable (never pay a lot of money for something on trend…word for the wise). If I plan on swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand, I don’t want to worry about my $200+ swim suit ruining. 



[Me in Show Me Your Mumu] With a little NarsNakedLaura Mercier, Benefit, & Chanel. . .you can accentuate that sun-kissed skin. I love being a bronzed babe but I also know how important it is to wear sunscreen and protect your skin. It’s the fountain of youth, folks. That’s why I love Urban Decay’s Naked moisturizer, SPF 20 is perfect for a day in the sun and your skin literally glows (while looking like you have no makeup on –WIN). 





Oh! & this time, my girl got married! Congrats, Leeanne!