Hotel Overview | Featuring W Seattle

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The W Hotels always have the best vibes, interior décor, and amenities, but the modern feel to the W Seattle Hotel was all sorts of amazing. They made me and my little man feel right at home from the very beginning. Even though he was all out of sorts because he's not necessarily a "city dog"... he found comfort in our cozy room!

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The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Seattle with gorgeous views of the city, and in walking distance to restaurants, Seattle parks, and entertainment you can walk to just about anything your heart desires. 

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The building itself feels like a piece of art with their most recent renovations, the culture of the city is brought to life within the hotel.

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Although, the amenities don’t end with the beautiful interior décor.  There are a variety of suite options, access to 24 hour room service, a fully equipped gym, and full pet amenities.

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Hemingway was a happy guy here on his stay with us at this swanky location! He was extra happy that he got to enjoy time with us in the living room area where we could have drinks and bites and have him with us. 

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The W Seattle has a wonderful scene within the hotel as well in their lounge and bar called the Living Room, which has a modern swanky vibe.

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They also have an award-winning restaurant, Trace, which offers a variety of delicious seasonal dishes.

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With all sorts of amazing accommodations at the W Seattle you will feel refreshed by the mix of relaxation and culture of the Seattle scene that you can enjoy at your stay at the W Seattle.  

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We can't wait to visit this beautiful location again!

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