On Brand; notes


A few months ago I talked with a John Hancock adviser about finances. A topic that I literally avoid at all cost. This year has toughened me up a bit and I realized it was time. I’m so happy that I finally did that, because it wasn’t that scary after all. I realized I never truly had education in that area and it was time to do a little organizing.

This inspired something bigger in me, though. I realized that I had been treating other parts of my business and my life like I had been treating my finances. Sure, I would buy nice things here and there, but nothing in my closet felt like me. The rise of fast fashion truly sucked me in. I’m not sure when it happened, but I think it was right after having Nixon and nothing would fit. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes, so I was turning to fast fashion clothing to make me feel better about myself. That landed me here… mountains of clothing that is just not me. Lots of things that just do not spark joy.

I took a step back after I ridded my closet of these pieces that are no longer, or were never, who I am…. and it felt good. I can pick up ANYTHING in my closet at this very moment and it will light me up.

Of course, the John Hancock adviser had no idea she was igniting this in me. And this post isn’t sponsored in anyway… I just wanted to share this with you because I have a feeling there are more people in my position out there.

Now, I reserve money monthly for one nice (to me) purchase. Sure, there are little things along the way that I pick up… but I now ask myself, is this going to make me happy this time next year? I want my closet to be full of classic, quality pieces. At 34 I’ve never known who I am MORE… and it’s time I start dressing like her.