Thompson Seattle | Hotel Review


The Thompson Seattle is super city-chic.

The rooms were small, but efficient and cozy. I never expect large rooms when I'm staying anywhere in a downtown location. 



-The bath products were amazing. They smelled great and worked well.

-The blow dryer is full size with ION technology.

-The shower head was a delight.

-There is a beautiful rooftop bar called Nest that serves drinks and light bites. 

-It's close to Pike's Place (a pro and a con depending on your reason for visiting).

-It's next to Le Pichet, my favorite French café in Seattle.

-Since it's brand new, it's super clean and smells nice. The air quality seemed better than a few hotels we've recently stayed in. 

-Our bed was nice and comfortable. 

-The staff were very attentive and greeted us every chance they got.



-Our window was facing another wall with windows, so people could literally see every move we were making.

-The shower doesn't have a door, so I was freezing every time I tried to shave my legs. THE WORST.

-The door to the bathroom was paper thin. That could be a disaster if you're staying with someone you're not super close to. If ya know what I mean. 

-The hotel is located in a very high traffic/high tourist area.

-Even on the weekends, the restaurants stop serving food at 10pm - we got in late after a 3 hour flight so we were starving. It was difficult to find food in the area that late, but we had success at a restaurant called Bistro, located in Pike's Place. They have a full menu and bar. It was perfect!

-Valet is the only safe parking option and it's $40 a day.

The takeaway? We would definitely stay here again but we would never pay full price. There are some great deals on Hotel Tonight for the Thompson Seattle so make sure you take advantage of those! Use my code CMATHIS24 for $25 off your next hotel stay.

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