The Tricky Thyroid



I recently had a very dear friend have her thyroid removed and within the same month, another friend let me know she was FINALLY diagnosed with Hashimoto's and though she's happy to finally have answers, she is lost on taking the steps to get healthy again. 

Some signs you may have thyroid issues are (but are not limited to..) depression, weight gain, slower mental processes, lethargy, sensitivity to cold, tingling or numbness in the hands, enlargement in your neck, constipation, dry skin, pain in the thyroid itself.. and the list goes on. Check THIS list for your symptoms. 

Studies have found an association of organochlorines and fungicides with hypothyroidism. People that work with pesticides have a 12% higher increase in thyroid disease than the general population (via: hasimotos healing).
According to the study “Exposure to these classes of pesticides and thyroid dysfunction is plausible given that the main effects of these compounds are thought to be elevation of TSH levels and reduction of circulating thyroid hormone (T3 and T4).”

But what about the people who suffer from thyroid disease that do not work with pesticides? Nonorganic produce could be the culprit. Just take a look at EWG's Dirty Dozen report.. see any of your 'healthy' snacks? 

"What can I eat? I live in a small town and try to be healthy, our organic produce is very limited..." Also see Clean 15

A few common thyroid diseases are Hashimoto's, Graves', Goiter, and Thyroid Nodules. All of these diseases can be controlled following a similar diet. 

After much research, I've put together some tips on losing weight or maintaining weight when you have a faulty thyroid...

1: Eat gluten-free. This is number one because in my book, it's most important.

2: Check Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is very common and can affect everything from mental health to join paint to energy levels. 

3: Eat enough and exercise. Eat lean proteins, tons of veggies (non-cruciferous) and lots of salads. WHOLE grains (not multi-grain) that are gluten free are also a good source of calories, but just don't go overboard. Check cruciferous veggie list...

I will be putting together some recipes just for my thyroid troubled friends, so check back soon for those. In the meantime, check out this protein for healthy thyroid-approved smoothies.