The Spring Cocktail, KOW Edition



Totally all over some fresh cocktails lately. I'm always down for a nice artisanal crafted cocktail made by some awesome mixologist (that's probably super rude, but like, you put up with it because he's a bar magician).

But lately, I've been putting my own bar expertise to work and making my own cocktails. It definitely saves me some $$$ but also some MAJOR calories. 

My favorite drink this Spring is a twist on a Cucumber Gimlet. Note.. that you can sub out Vodka for Gin. I just prefer Gin over vodka these days. It must be my old age!


You will need...

2 oz Gin (something smooth like Bombay Sapphire, or organic, like Farmer's Gin.)

1 thin long slice of cucumber

12 fresh rosemary leaves

2 small leaves of fresh mint

3/4 oz freshly squeezed lime

1/4 oz Agave syrup

What to do..

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, gin, lime juice, agave, mint and rosemary. Shake well, double-strain and garnish with a thin cucumber. Serve right away. 

CHEERS!'s under 200 calories!