the most nutritious chicken salad recipe ever


Chicken salad is one of my all time southern favorites. Unfortunately, it is so full of calories that I can only have a little before my stomach is hurting and I’m bloated. Nevertheless, I always order it if it’s on the menu because it’s so delicious. So, I came up with this…

This is my lower calorie version — it just so happens that it’s actually good for you too! The perks of making a big batch of chicken salad is that it stays delicious in the fridge for a few days. This recipe feeds five (or feeds you five times). I LOVE celery and always put extra, but feel free to modify to your liking.

All of my ingredients are sustainable, organic, and as fresh as possible. This is key is retaining the full flavor.

What you will need:

Organic Greek Yogurt (approx 7-10 oz depending on how creamy you like it)

Celery (approx 5 stalks)

Red Grapes (approx 20 – I used white grapes this round because I couldn’t find red)

Turmeric (super nutritious and masks the yogurt tartness) 2 tspsn

Lemon Juice a few heavy squeezes

Lime Juice a few heavy squeezes

Almonds (I used Marcona) approximately 20

Onion Powder to taste

Salt & Pepper to taste

2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Avocado Oil (optional)

Organic Chicken Broth (low sodium) enough to boil chicken


Boil the chicken in chicken broth for approximately 20 minutes. While boiling – dice your celery, grapes and almonds. When the chicken is completely done (don’t overcook, but PLEASE don’t undercook), spray with avocado oil (optional) and use a fork to shred the chicken into very small pieces.


Mix the first nine ingredients together in a large bowl. The amount of any of the seasoning depends on your taste. If you still taste the tartness of the yogurt, add more onion powder and/or turmeric.


If the chicken has cooled enough, combine the ingredients in one large bowl. Taste, and adjust ingredients as necessary. For best results, refrigerate for one hour before serving.