Thank You


A lot of times I feel the stress from not posting enough.

But I quickly remind myself that pumping content your way was never part of my goal. Adding value to other people's lives is what I'm passionate about. Sometimes that means that I just don't get a post up. But I'm not going to just write to be writing. 

Blogging, for me, was never truly about me. I started a blog for several reasons but it was mostly because I knew I had information that needed to be shared and I was feeling unfulfilled in the role I was in. I was working a job in San Francisco that was never ME. I never fit. I, more often times than not, felt extremely uninspired. There were some great things about that job, but my day-to-day life was not one of them.

I guess, though, the most important reason I started my blog is that daily, family and friends would write to me and they were LOST in every category of their lives. The "health" advice they were given would literally make me sad. They were hopeless and unhappy. I found myself spending more time helping them with their personal matters than working on my own. I wanted to help!I felt that I COULD help.  Instead of spending hours on end, writing to each person separately, I decided it was time to start a blog. This way, I could write to the masses and not just reach the people that felt comfortable enough to reach out. 

I know I say this ALL the time. But, being healthy isn't just about the food you eat, or the exercises you do. It's your lifestyle. It's the way you dress yourself, it's the way you carry yourself. It's about the people you hang out with. It's the way you think. But ultimately, it's about the little things you do every single day. 

I apologize if I don't post every day. Especially these days. I'm a full-time student, wife, mom to a cute little pup ... and I travel A LOT. I say YES to life away from my laptop every single chance I get. 

Of course, I want to "make a living" doing something I'm passionate about, like all of you.

So that means...

Yes, I get paid sometimes when you make purchases clicking through links of my website. 


Yes, sometimes my articles are sponsored.


I will never blog about a product I have not used. And I will never say it does something that it doesn't do. If you ever have a question, you can always reach out to me personally. 

Thank you for reading and caring and for all your support. I have one more final exam before this crazy semester is over and I'm already feeling more creative than ever. I even had to stop during my Pilates class today and make a list of topics before I could actually get into my workout!!

Thanks to Jonathan and Kevin for all your assistance in this!! I know I'm not always the easiest person to work with. 

I hope you've been inspired to take your goals one day at a time. XO