a beautiful tea party with the phoenix style tribe


I recently attended a beautiful tea party in Phoenix hosted by www.stylistafitness.com & www.hellosilhouette.com.  


It was full of fresh flowers, beautiful cups and plates, delicious scones, tea and cookies... ya know, all of the good stuff you expect at a tea party. 


What in the world do I wear to a tea party? I've got you covered...


We all went home with beautiful gifts from Shop l.v. Kiki. It was the cutest touch!


I was obsessed with the beautiful dishes from Velvet Crown Designs. I can't wait to stock my new home full of them! 


It was so nice to meet all of these creative women. Big thanks to the PHX Style Tribe for bringing us all together. 


Some of my favorite tea hats right now!


And not to mention the best venue EVER! The Phoenix Teapot has become my new favorite spot for iced tea and book reading. How cute is this place? And the tea is YES.


The perfect tea party wedge this summer...


Summer tea party lips for the win!


All photos here were either taken by myself or BBR!

Thanks to Enchanted Prints for their beautiful contribution! Check out their stuff... it's SOOOO cute!