Sweet Spots in DTLA


Um, Heeeyyyy LA, specifically DTLA. Thanks for finally showing up. Um, what the heck guys! I lived in LA back in 2010 and downtown was definitely NOT the place you wanted to be. Not even close. 

So recently we spent some time down there and OMGeee it's come A LONG way!

This is all about food. Obviously. Whale or whale. 


Have a coffee or a taco or a pizza or an oyster or a slutty egg ALL in one building. Let me introduce you to Grand Central Market. I literally had oysters, green juice, and lattes ten minutes apart. This place is HEAVEN and it's like an all-you-can-eat buffet except the food is way better. 


And obviously the only thing I did was eat. Because that's really the only thing I care about when visiting anywhere or really doing anything. 

Otium what is life!? Thanks to a couple of good LA friends, Kevin and I ended up here. 

Otium is a piece of ART. No really, there's a Damien Hirst mural covering the outside wall. The food is outstanding! It's fresh, vibrant and creative. I was pleasantly impressed with this place even before I found out the chef was Timothy Hollingsworth who is a former French Laundry chef. So Duh. 


The bar is amazeballs. 


Some other DTLA restaurants to try. . .

Wexler's Deli


Ricebar (chef also worked at French Laundry prior)

Sushi Gen

Faith & Flower

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