Sip & Style | Pool & Margaritas


Hi lovelies! I’m so excited to be partnering with more creative women for today's Sip & Style segment. Last month it was all about Girly Trends but this month, it's more on brand for me because it's all about what we're wearing to the pool and what we're sipping by the pool. Before we start the margarita talk, you can head over to Melissa's page at Stylista Fitness to see what she is wearing and sipping. 

If I'm being perfectly honest, it's pretty rare that I hang out by the pool without a drink in my hand. I constantly crave margarita's when the sun is out. I don't recommend drinking a ton of sugar by the pool though, so make sure to check my skinny recipe below!


I'm ALL about sexy lace swimsuits this summer. This lace bikini is definitely at the top of my must-have Summer resort-wear list! 


Fashion designer Pily Queipo and creative director Amber Delecce have joined forces to pursue their passion: designing the perfect product for the swim and resort wear industry. With unique prints, fun colors and ornamental hardware, the beautifully crafted and combined elements give PilyQ its whimsical, feminine yet edgy flair.

See below for shoppable links!


Pool Conscious Skinny Marg

freshly squeeze lime

freshly squeezed lemon

a little soda water

freshly squeezed orange


...and maybe a little salt if we're having fun


Shop the looks below by clicking on a picture!


Now, you can head over to Jenn's page at The Body Type Stylist to see what she is wearing and sipping.