Restaurant Overview | Featuring Chi Chi at Avalon Hotel

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Next time you vacay in Palm Springs you HAVE to visit Avalon Hotel’s restaurant, Chi Chi! I recently had the pleasure of dining there and it was the best! Everything about Chi Chi is perfect. First of all, the general atmosphere in the restaurant is so cute. Everything is bright and white, and it has such a calming vibe. Chi Chi has the cutest bar and the drink selection is so extensive. They definitely have whatever you’re in the mood for. I tried two different cocktails while I was there, the Rum Coconut and the Desert Jewel. Both were so good. The Rum Coconut is served with dark rum inside of a whole young coconut. The Desert Jewel is another cute and yummy drink. It’s pink and bubbly (love that) and it’s made with Mandarin Vodka, Aperol, grapefruit and lemon. I totally recommend both of these cocktails! 


By the way, they have the best service here. Our waiter, David, was so on top of things, knowledgeable and so nice. He was so helpful and accommodating when deciding what to order. For our appetizers we got Kusshi Oysters on the Half Shell and Hamachi Crudo. Both were amazing! The oysters were perfect (again David was amazing and was able to give us all the info on the oysters) and the Hamachi Crudo was incredibly fresh.


For dinner I got to try Chi Chi’s Steak and Frites and the Zucchini Noodle Pasta. I love a good dish of zucchini noodles, but they have to be prepared properly… You guys, Chi Chi seriously came through. Their zucchini noodles were perfect and tender and they came topped with cherry tomatoes confit, anglio-olio, chili and parmesan. SO GOOD. 


The Steak and Frites were also amazing! Sometimes I have a hard time deciding how I want my steak cooked so David offered “medium-plus” and it was perfect. Each bite of steak was tender and juicy and it was sitting on top of the most AMAZING sauce. I’m not joking you guys, I still think about this steak every now and then, that’s how good it was. The frites were delicious too, so crispy and oh my gosh I have to stop talking about it because I am going to start drooling, LOL.


Chi Chi really impressed us! By the end of our meal we were so stuffed. However, David gave us some great dessert options that we could not say no to. We got the Berries and Cream and the Honey Toast. The Berries and Cream consisted of berries, coconut cream, sliced almonds and honey. So yummy you guys, seriously.The Honey Toast was also yummy. A thick slice of sweet toast covered with honey and vanilla gelato. I was in heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever left a meal so happy and so full! No joke, everyone, next time you are in Palm Springs, stop at Chi Chi. I swear you’re going to love it as much as I did!