Phoenix Baby Shower


As many of you may know, my last baby shower has now come and gone. It has been so fun getting to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little girl with friends and family. Our last baby shower took place here in Phoenix and it was hosted by my sweet friends: JessMcKenna and Bethany. They put together the best day. We had the yummiest food, the cutest drinks and my entire Phoenix fam was there to help me celebrate!


Now when I say we had the yummiest food, I seriously mean it. It was so sweet to have Modern Market in attendance at the shower. Their food is always so good and I love that I can feel confident knowing that I’m feeding myself and my baby girl quality ingredients. 


Also you guys, Modern Market has some of the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, if you have not tried them, you must!


While we are on the subject of food, I have to tell you guys about my cake! We had the prettiest and yummiest cake from Ruze Cake House for the shower. 


I have been such a big fan of Ruze Cake House ever since I moved to Phoenix, they have the best treats and drinks in town and they never disappoint. This cake was definitely no exception. It was absolutely gorgeous and their buttercream frosting is addicting.


Something else that was a huge hit at the shower were my eternity roses from Venus ET Fleur. Everyone was totally amazed by them. The arrangement is so stunning and smells amazing. The best part? With proper care they can last an entire year!


The roses are cut at their most perfect state and are treated with Venus ET Fleur’s proprietary solution and color pigmentation process. This process allows the roses to maintain their freshness, integrity, structure, color and scent for up to a year. They are also super low maintenance, they always stay in the box that they came in and there’s no need to water them. I’m totally obsessed!


If there's one thing I've missed during my pregnancy it's wine! Even though I can’t enjoy it right now, it was a must that Winc was in attendance at my shower for my guests to enjoy. Winc is a monthly wine delivery service that helps you find the perfect wine to match your taste. It’s so easy to shop online and they are delivered right to your door. 


Winc treated us to bottles of Summer Water for the shower and everyone loved it! If you guys want to give them a try, click here and use my discount code “collectivelycandice” for $20 off at checkout!


Our guest were also spoiled with Verb. I love their hair products so I knew my guests were going to love getting to leave the shower with a little Ghost Oil in hand. Ghost Oil is a Moringa oil blend that revitalizes hair from roots to ends. It’s super nourishing and enriches hair with essential nutrients that help with frizz and promote shine for all hair types. Definitely a daily essential!


I’m so thankful for all of the love that has been showered on our little girl at each of our showers, and I can’t wait for the world to finally meet her! Thank you so much to our baby shower sponsors: Modern Market, Venus ET Fleur, Winc and Verb.

All thoughts and opinions are my own.