Period Talk | Lola Tampons


You know what's not cool? Undisclosed tampon ingredients. The FDA does not require tampon brands to disclose a comprehensive list of ingredients, so most of them don't (for good reason?). 

Just like food, I want to know what's going "in" my body. It's kind of on the DL, but apparently, there is some pretty bad stuff in your tampon (that's, you know, in... you). 

For the last two years, I've been using LOLA tampons because. . . it's a no brainer really --- I know what's in them: Cotton. LOLA arrives at your door in a customizable assortment at the frequency you choose. I think you should check them out! Plus, if you sign up using my code, you get $5 off your first order! Shipping is free so you really have nothing to lose. Plus, no more embarrassing runs to store for the man in your life (haha).

Join the club and stay healthy with me! 

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This post was sponsored by Lola... but I really do love and use these tampons! ( I never work with brands I don't love and use, duh).