Paris Chic #3


Parisian women made their put-together looks look effortless. One of the best things about Paris was people watching. Lots of undercover fashionistas with the most adorable flat shoes and sleek backpacks. French women glide through the crowds and cross the street without looking. They're basically elegant badasses and I was totally vibing on their energy the whole time. 

I knew I would never fit in. So instead of trying to do that, I just wore practical clothes that made me feel comfortable and a little less American than I normally feel. Also, did you know that the scarf around the neck serves a purpose? It will actually keep you warm when the sun goes down and it gets brisk. 

Since we were walking so much, I lived in these Adidas Superstars. I don't know what I would have done without them. I traded my shoes in each day after lunch for these suckers. Ah. 

Shop the full look right here~

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