The Workout I'm Still Obsessed With

Are You Working Out? Or No?


I’m STILL obsessed with Pure Barre. 


Sometimes we dread working out. I feel you, I’m the same way if not worse. I do it because I want to be healthy and the obvious, fit.


I’ve been doing a version of the Barre Method for about two years off and on. I had foot surgery two years ago and since then, working out has not been the same. Something on my body usually hurts and just I don’t work out to my full potential on my own. 


Even though I don’t always look forward to working out . . . I’m much worse if I don’t get it in. I love the endorphins that come with a good workout. And I love to eat, something has to counteract that.


Previously, in SF, I was doing The Dailey Method because it was close to wear I lived. Once I moved to Scottsdale I was looking to get back into that Barre routine. 


Mind you, I’ve tried everything. Insert Pure Barre. I’m more flexible and stronger than I was before I had surgery. Throughout each class I have thoughts like “there is no way I will make it through this class” but I always do and I feel mentally and physically stronger than ever! 


Pure Barre is the perfect kind of hurt. It’s HARD. But I can’t help but crave more and more. 


For me, it’s GIRL time. There is a badass girl-vibe in the room and I love it!!  I tell my husband all the time. . . he could never make it through 5 minutes ;)


How are you staying fit? What exercises are you currently obsessed with? Please tell me your workouts are harder than your significant others? hahahah.