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Before my newest little love, it had been a long time since I had owned a pet. I love (ok, yes, I'm obsessed with my dog but who isn't?) Hemingway!! He's so loyal and loving. He brings me so much happiness and really makes me stop to enjoy life. I want to give him the very best. He is, after all, a family member.

After just doing a LITTLE research on dog food, I was completely nauseous. I could not believe the foods that are on the market right now. It is so incredibly sad that loving and caring dog owners are essentially poisoning their dogs and they don't even know it.  

I started cooking eggs and chicken for him for a while to supplement his kibble. Unfortunately, I needed more hours in a day to feed him the way I would like to. And I didn't know enough about dog nutrition to make sure I was feeding him properly. So, I started doing research to find a service that could assist us in our mission to feed him the best, safest, most nutritious food we could find.

If your dog is part of your family, read this:
"40% of dogs are obese"
"46% of dogs and 39% of cats now die of cancer"
"Heart, kidney, and liver disease are epidemics"
"Commercial Dog Food Is “Fast Food”

People Food is Good

I don't know where we ever got the idea that "people food" is bad for dogs. Sure, there are a few things here and there that your pet shouldn't eat that you eat, but for the most part, things that are nutritious for us are also nutritious to them. Just never feed them onions, grapes, caffeine, chocolate or raisins. And always leave out spices and oils, and avoid white carbs. 

Vets Learn Very Little About Nutrition

Similar to medical doctors, veterinarians learn very little about nutrition. And sadly, most of what they do learn comes from sales reps (directly from pet food companies). 

"Dog food may LEGALLY contain "4-D" meat: meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals.  Add a little road kill, mill floor sweepings labeled as grain, and corn contaminated with high levels of pesticide (yes, really) and you have a recipe for ill health. The cheaper the food, the cheaper the ingredients, the worse the nutrition." SOURCE & SOURCE

Kibble Does NOT Clean Teeth

Kibble dog food constantly claims that it "cleans teeth"... but MOST dogs eat kibble and still, dental diseases are rapidly increasing...  ??

Dogs Need Variety

Nutritionists continue to urge people to eat a whole variety of foods to prevent allergies and to make sure you're getting all the nutrition you need. Why would dogs be any different? Yes, their stomachs are more sensitive but only to changes of types of food, like switching from kibble to raw food would need to be transitioned, changes types of raw food to a different type of raw food would not have the same effect if done properly. If you're feeding your dog a variety of good, nutritious meals, the gut will heal and he/she will have less problems switching foods. If you ate the same things every day, you would also have a problem switching foods. Just like someone who is vegetarian may get sick if they eat meat.  

My well-trained pup was so good posing for me! He wanted his Porkalicious Potluck so badly. 

My well-trained pup was so good posing for me! He wanted his Porkalicious Potluck so badly. 


Most Kibble Contains Corn Condemned For Human Consumption

I don't know about you, but if I can't eat it, I do NOT want to feed it to my dog. An overload of corn (low-quality corn at that) causes diabetes.

Just like a human, improving your dog's diet can save you a lot of money and can also add (happier, healthier) years to their lives.  


Insert NomNomNow! I'm so happy I found this company. Not only do they customize and prepare REAL, fresh foods for your pet, but they have a Veterinary Nutrition Expert behind it all. 

With years of experience formulating healthy, fresh, home-cooked diets for dogs across the country, Dr. Shmalberg is a practicing vet and clinical assistant professor of integrative veterinary medicine at the University of Florida. He has published numerous scientific papers in veterinary medicine, frequently lectures on nutritional topics to veterinarians and dog owners, and is one of less than 100 board-certified specialists in small animal clinical nutrition in the country.

Dr. Shmalberg guides NomNomNow in all recipe formulation and advises on pet nutrition to make sure we deliver the absolute best to the dogs we serve.

How a fresh diet supports your dog's health
Feeding your dog fresh, gently-cooked food can promote health and wellness. Because the food is free of preservatives, fillers, and never frozen, your dog's body will be able to use more of what they eat - putting the healthy nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbs to good use. Some benefits include:
More energy
Dogs consuming fresh food made with real ingredients have more readily available energy from food. This is because fresh diets are more digestible, and therefore more of the food is absorbed for energy.
Stronger immune system
Our fresh dog food is rich in good vitamins like A and C, as well as zinc. According to Dr. Shmalberg, these all can help a dog's immune system stay strong and healthy, keeping them well. Our #nommers even say that their fresh dog food diets have helped reduce vet bills.
Shiny coat. Healthy skin. Bright eyes.
NomNomNow's fresh food for dogs is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients known to promote a healthy coat and skin (zinc, B vitamins, and fatty acids from ingredients such as fish oil), as well as healthier eyes (vitamin A). Many of our customers report these as the first changes once on a fresh diet.
Less waste
NomNomNow does not add fiber beyond that which is helpful for health, like many other dog food manufacturers. Every ingredient in our fresh dog food is intended to contribute essential nutrients that your dog needs. This means less waste, and fewer poop bags! Source

NOT ONLY is NomNomNow the best thing out there for your pet's health at the moment, but they will absolutely LOVE the change. Hemingway is OBSESSED with his Porkalicious Potluck. In fact, we got a delivery today and I transferred the packages from the boxes to the fridge and came upstairs to sit with him. The minute I sat down, he was sniffing and licking my hands like a maniac. He's happy and healthy and that's ALL that matters.

All you have to do is go to the NNN Website, tell them a little about your pup, then the meals are cooked fresh to order! The servings are perfectly portioned based on the information you give them about your dog. You don't have to do anything -- they're delivered fresh to your door and all you have to do is rip the package open and feed your excited pup! 

I guess the BEST thing about Nom Nom Now is that it's very affordable. Check it out for yourself and use my code COLLECTIVELYCANDICE to get 50% off of your first week. 

There are so many articles related to popular dog food brands making dogs immediately sick or causing death. I cannot imagine what some of these foods are doing to our furry loved ones long-term. 

Fox Article  & CBS Article


NomNomNow sent Hemingway dog food to try (at my request) so that I could write this post. 

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