Launching Bumble Bizz at Olive & Ivy


Hey everyone! You have probably heard that I took on the role of Phoenix Queen Bee for Bumble. In case you don’t know, Bumble is a female-first connection platform that specializes in love, friendships and now business. When it comes to helping you find love, Bumble offers date connection services where women make the first move. They also help you make and build friendships through BumbleBFF which is the friend-finding part of the app. As Bumble Queen Bee, I have recently had the pleasure of throwing together fun events for BumbleBFF where women can mingle and support one another. I have had such a blast the past few months putting together these events and inviting old and new friends to join me. I can’t stress enough how much of a blessing BumbleBFF has been as it allows me to disconnect from my busy life and reconnect with friendships.

I think it goes without saying that BumbleBFF has been a HUGE hit. Well, I’m excited to announce that Bumble has done it again and they are releasing a new part of their app called Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz specializes in allowing users to make business connections. In honor of the launch of Bumble Bizz this month, I got the opportunity to host a Bumble Bizz networking dinner at Olive & Ivy. This first event really previewed everything that Bizz has to offer, as I got to mingle and network with fellow bloggers that also use Bumble Bizz.


I love everything about Bumble Bizz, especially how Bizz is staying true to Bumble’s roots. Just like the dating service Bumble offers, women make the first move. Bumble is continuing to put women in the power seat. First, they allowed women to make the first move in the dating world, which was monumental. Next, they empower women to come together and form a strong girl gang that focuses on encouraging each other instead of tearing each other down. Now, they are allowing women to take control in the business world and “become the CEO your parents always wanted you to marry”. Bumble is all about girl power and I am loving it!


If you’re looking for business opportunities, then Bumble Bizz is definitely for you. Bizz allows users the opportunity to meet people who they may have never come across in their daily lives through the use of geo targeting and the classic swipe system. Having the opportunity to interact and connect with so many professionals in one place is so important because one good connection can truly bring about the opportunity of a lifetime! Bumble is also unique compared to other connection apps as it offers a photo verification tool which ensures that people truly are who they say they are.


Bumble will be hosting a launch event this month supported by inspirational women such as Kate Hudson and Karlie Kloss, it's going to be so amazing!  Looking to attend a local Bumble Bizz launch party in Phoenix? Join us on October 24th at 6:00pm at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown! Click here for details.

Keep an eye out for other local Bumble events in the Phoenix area! We have so many plans in store for showing off everything that Bumble has to offer and we can’t wait. Want to learn more? Download the app here.