My Baby Shower Look


My look, not my baby shower. :P

I basically dressed as a cupcake to my friend's baby shower. I wanted something comfortable because I knew I would be in it ALL day long. And I was.... I walked the streets of Sausalito in these shoes and this dress over and over. 


I pretty much break the internet when I wear color (hahahha) ok, not really... but it is a really big deal (to me) so I feel like it's a big deal to everyone else (it is, right?). This OLIVE (someone called it pastel and I almost fainted) was flattering, though. And even though I love my blacks and whites, I would consider doing another OLIVE... maybe. 


So here are the juicy details of this midi number...... It STAYS OUT OF STOCK. Click here, and if it's still out of stock by the time you get there, don't worry - you can still accomplish this look with the top (link below).

These shoes, you've seen them before... they're a steal. CHEAP CHEAP in price but made very well for a Vince Camuto (no offense, Vince C, RIP). If I'm wearing a pair of shoes you know they are tried and tested for comfort. After foot surgery you take your shoes VERY seriously.