Meet Sam


Featured Adoptable Dog: Sam, the loveable nerd

INTRO: Twice a month, Collectively Candice will feature an adoptable animal from Arizona Animal

Welfare League – the state’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter. For more information about the pup or cat

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At first meeting, Sam is a textbook German shepherd. She has that perfect gait, astonishing coat and

loves a good brain teaser. She could spend hours hiking or jogging alongside you. As long as she’s busy,

she’s happy!

Sam has the drive to want to please you, whether that involves locating toys buried in a bin of blankets

you thought had been lost forever (true story) or playing fetch with multiple balls and excelling. Her

owner would benefit greatly by joining clubs that specialize in nose work or other task-based groups

that challenge Sam’s constantly evolving intellect. If you think your fence is tall enough for Sam, it’s not.

However, a mentally occupied and physically satiated Sam will have less desire to escape and explore on

her own if she does it with you every day.


Unfortunately, this isn’t Sam’s first time looking for her forever home at Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Three years ago, she was adopted by a family that recently returned her because they couldn’t give her

the attention she needed to thrive.


Sam has been given a second chance when she came to the shelter again; a chance to truly become the

dog she was meant to be. She wants to show the world it’s cool to be a smart girl.