Laila Needs a Home



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When searching for the selfless spirit and unfettered loyalty of a dog, look no further than Laila. Found raising a litter of week old puppies in the biting cold of northern Arizona, she shielded them from the howling wind with her body. Scooped up by a good Samaritan, Laila would take no food or water until she knew her puppies were safe with her.

Only soft blankets and plentiful food surrounded Laila for the next few weeks in her foster home. A vital transition happened in her life; living outside most of her life against the elements, to be being part of a family. She became extremely social with new people, inquisitive, and began showing off her fast growing sprawl of puppies like a proud momma to everyone who visited.

After her puppies were strong enough on their own, Laila began her search for her new home, but she has been waiting for 3 months already!She is a fantastic dog with a ton of potential; agile, energetic, and FUN! She is mostly house-trained, does well with other dogs, and loves tug of war and fetch. She is a pro at self-entertaining and will play with a ball solo. After being a maternal powerhouse and raising 8 of the most amazing puppies, Laila has earned a life of comfort and love, with lots of toys and snuggles.


Such a sweetie!!