kind of obsessed with this guilt-free dessert

Kale or Whale - Arctic Zero Desserts

I was skeptical to try Arctic Zero fit frozen desserts because, lets face it, ice cream will never be replaced. The good news is that that was not Arctic Zero's goal. Instead, they wanted to offer a dessert that made the calories, however low, worth it. 

Arctic Zero isn't trying to take the place of our beloved ice cream. Instead, think of this stuff as an anytime dessert, not just when you're cheating. A serving of Arctic Zero everyday will not sabotage your diet, which is great news to those that love something sweet after a meal. 

the cutest ice cream bowls!

The best thing about Arctic Zero is that the ingredients are REAL. No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners ever. Nothing is genetically modified, no gluten or lactose. Almost everyone I know can enjoy these desserts without the guilt and/or the pain.


If you've been following along with my posts, you know the true test for any "diet" food ALWAYS lies with Kevin, my husband. So, I made sure he tried a few of the flavors. He's very picky, but we found a winner and he's slightly obsessed. 

I love to eat the Cake Batter flavor straight out of the carton. I dabbled in Banana Pudding, Snickerdoodle, and Poppin' Pomegranate as well. They're all so tasty! Kevin has been making protein shakes with the Brownie Blast

kevin's brownie blast protein shakes

handful of ice

one serving of Brownie Blast dessert

2 scoops of organic peanut butter

1 banana

1 scoop of tara's whey protein

1 cup almond milk

Blend well! Serve right away.


I think it's safe to say that we've been won over by the fit frozen desserts and will keep them as a staple at our place. 

You can find out where to buy these tasty desserts HERE.

This post is a collaboration with Arctic Zero but is an honest KOW review of the product.