It's Tea Time Somewhere


If you follow me on Snapchat (candeeland) you know I drink A LOT of tea. Like, more than any one person should consume on a regular basis, a lot. 



Tea for me is not only an alternative to coffee. I supplement my coffee habit with it because I happen to really love my tea moments. I’m no snob to tea either. I love ALL kinds. Even the weird stuff like beet tea and rose bud tea. 

Tea is SO complex and it can be overwhelming finding your groove when you first start enjoying hot tea.  So here are a few of my tips from years of trial and error! 

First you should know that tea caffeine varies by brewing method. If you can’t have too much caffeine, you should stick to herbal tisanes, oolongs, or shou pu-erh styles. Or literally let your tea bag steep for 20 seconds. 

What I’ve found when brewing teas. .  If your brew is very hot your tea will be darker and more robust, but if your brew is cold, you will have a sweeter and milder tasting tea. 

For me, sencha and matcha brew perfectly at 160° range. But honestly, just play around with it and you will find your perfect temperature. 

Research on tea is necessary. Just like any other crop grown, organic may not always mean organic. If the neighboring farm isn’t growing organic crops, you can bet that your tea has some lingering pesticides. Sadly, we can’t be completely sure what we’re eating and drinking unless we are literally growing it ourselves. This is another area that I stick to the 80/20 rule. If you can, try to be as organic as possible (especially when it comes to teas) 80% of the time. There are some really delicious teas out there that have not gotten on the organic bandwagon, and if you’re only having them once in a while, all is good.

In Singapore, Tea Time is a REAL things and it's amazing. 

In Singapore, Tea Time is a REAL things and it's amazing. 


My faves. . .

I like black tea in the early morning or on flights. I have it with cream and honey or whatever sweetener is available. I rarely drink black tea, so I allow myself the sugar. It's such a nice treat!

I love a good green or white tea in the afternoons. It really adds some flare to the afternoon caffeine break. 



My favorite teas are . . .


green tea


tiny tea

whiskey black tea

rose tea


Things I add to my teas. . .

coconut oil