Home Sweet San Francisco


San Francisco, home of the flat shoes and the staple jacket. I miss things about living in SF, but to be honest... it's WAY more fun to visit. To live in SF, you basically have to work ALL THE TIME. So to have a random weekday off in the city feels like this weird delight. I kept getting this guilty feeling like I should be at work but instead I'm eating dim sum and not checking my e-mail.

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Yank Sing has the best soup dumplings in SF. The dim sum here is amazing but pricey. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends so I recommend going during the week if you can swing it. It's one of our favorite spots in SF and it's in our old neighborhood.




Friday I spent with my girls. We had cocktails and dinner at some favorite spots!

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Novela is my favorite bar in San Francisco. Ernest Hemingway is plastered all over the walls and the cocktails are CLASSICS. The mixology here is outstanding. What is not to love? 


Trou Normand was a delicious meal with friends. I absolutely LOVE the decor here and if my husband would let me, we'd have naked butts on every wall in our new home. 


When I know I'm going to be drinking a lot of cocktails I order them with an egg white. This does wonders for your tolerance, helps with the hangover, and tastes delicious if you go to the right place.

trou normand

Yummy food and a delicious meat & cheese ensemble. 




Baby shower day! I had so much fun attending one of my dear friend's baby shower. It was a gorgeous event in the most beautiful part of Sausalito, California. I spent ALL day in Sausalito and it was wonderful. We ate at a super touristy spot called Barrel House Tavern but it was actually pretty delicious and not overly crowded. I was impressed. Our group was too large for my favorite, Sushi Ran

We used the Order Ahead app to schedule a Philz coffee because we definitely DID NOT have time to wait for one to get made. We were about 10 minutes late to the party and I'm pretty sure everyone thought it was because we stopped and got Philz. But it was really just because our Uber driver was TERRIBLE. LOL. You know, when they don't think you know where you're going so they drive around in circles to run up the bill? Yep, that happened. I got snappy and we got there but really!?? 

You can find links to my super comfy dress HERE




I drank a lot on Saturday. So I looked like this all day Sunday. 

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We walked around the city and stopped for coffee at St. Frank, another favorite of ours. I got some greens and an immune shot at Project Juice. And we had brunch at Rove


Sunday Night


Date night! We walked to the Pier while the sun went down. 

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Sunday night we went to Omakase for dinner. This place was outstanding. Each course (I think there were like twelve) was 1-2 bites each. Omakase is usually a raw dining experience where you eat what the chef decides. This place also just earned it's first Michelin Star. 


You must be really into sushi and very adventurous to eat here.  If that's you, book now!! There are two different options when you sit down and we chose the option with the most courses which in hindsight, was too much food.

I tried to thoroughly enjoy myself here so I probably won't do a full food review because I did not take notes. But the menu changes daily so by the time you go it will be different anyway!

Check out the slideshow below - I took pictures of each course because the food was too beautiful not to. I also Snapchatted and Instagrammed Storied my way through the entire meal. Don't miss my next adventure! Add me now SNAPCHAT & INSTAGRAM




We had more Asian food on Monday. It's actually what we miss most about SF! The options are endless. 

Before heading to the airport we made a pit stop at Din Tai Fung. It did not disappoint. See my full post here.


And we never miss an opportunity for an adventure in Pacifica. 

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Taking a trip to SF soon? Check out my food guide here!

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All photos of me are by my husband... check out his website and instagram!

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