Hotel Overview | Featuring Hilton Sedona Resort Bell Rock

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You guys probably already know, but Sedona is one of our favorite weekend trip destinations. It’s so beautiful, the weather is always nicer than it is in Phoenix and there’s lots to do.


One of the best parts of visiting Sedona is getting to stay at the Hilton Sedona Bell Rock.


We LOVE vacationing here because it is just the best escape. The resort is so peaceful and relaxing as it’s nestled right in the middle of Sedona’s red rock mountains. Honestly no matter where you are within the resort, the view is spectacular.


Each guest room has a fireplace which makes it feel so cozy. Every time we stay here it is always so hard to leave because everything about our room is just SO comfortable.

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Hilton Sedona also has really good dining options. Shadowrock Tap + Table is the resort’s restaurant which includes a bar and porch seating. The views from Shadowrock are so breathtaking. We love dining here because we know the food is going to be amazing and the experience is always relaxing and enjoyable.

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Bluewater Cafe is the resort’s poolside restaurant and bar making it the perfect place to grab lunch without leaving your lounge chair.

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The resort also has plenty of amenities to offer such as on-site golfing, a spa and an athletic club. Each of these amenities are extra special thanks to the resort’s amazing location.

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The view from the golf course is incredible and the athletic club is so unique. It offers an outdoor cross training warrior pit, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and a 25 meter lap pool.

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I know you guys will fall in love with Hilton Sedona Bell Rock just as we did. Click here to learn more!


My stay was hosted by Hilton Sedona Bell Rock. All thoughts and opinions are my own.