Getting Your Sweat In On Vacay


Working out on vacation is not for everyone. I totally get that, but for those who like to get their sweat in different time zones you know how hard it can be to get that perfect sesh in. Hotel gyms are tight, never have all of the right equipment, and honestly they smell weird. Personally I am a studio addict and have probably been to 90% of them on the west coast alone, ya know Soul Cycle for life.

After so many years of travel and struggling to get my workout in, I have a few tips that everyone could use. Whether you are in New York City, Texas, Los Angeles you will be able to get that workout in and check off everything on your itinerary each day.

We all know apps are lifesavers and can’t imagine life without them, but besides Instagram and Twitter the App Store has so much more to offer. ClassPass, this has been an all time fave and definitely saved me some money. Available in 50 cities, and 4 different countries you get a monthly credit limit (depends on which subscription you choose ) and can book classes at participating studios in the area. Super easy and more affordable than paying the studios directly.

If group pilates isn’t necessarily your thing, or you just can’t get into cycling, don’t worry there are so many other options for you. These days Google is everyone’s best friend, has an answer to anything. So if you are itching to burn some calories on that weekend getaway just Google it. You can type in any kind of workout at any time increment and you will find it. There are spreadsheets with diagrams, to lists of circuits, and tons of Youtube videos that go through the workout with you.

Don’t want to leave your room? Sometimes you literally just don’t want to have any human interaction until you have had a workout and some coffee. Well with these few things you won’t even have to leave your hotel room to break a sweat. Sometimes I like to pack strength training bands, and a jump rope in my suitcase to prepare for my workouts. These things are small enough that they won’t break the check in scale at the airport, and they can be used to get a full effect workout! Some of my fave bands are here, and my jumprope is here. A few HIIT exercises with these mixed with bodyweight movements, you will be sure to feel the burn.

Last but not least you can schedule your workout times with your vacation activities! Depending on where you are, there is most likely activities of many varieties that will get your blood moving. Walking at Disneyland alone is bound to burn some calories. But try a new thing, go kayaking, on a hike, a a bike tour, sign up for a round of golf, there are so many different options and the best part is they won’t even feel like a workout.

As you can see there are so many great ways to get some physical exercise during travel. Just remember you are on vacation and it is okay to take some breaks from the gym!