5 Easy Tips For Healthier Hair


I love running my hands through strong, soft hair, unfortunately maintaining hair health can sometimes be hard to do. So many things can wreak havoc on our hair, including things that are totally out of our control such as the weather or hard water coming out of your shower head. Use these five easy tips to combat these negative forces and be on your way to healthier hair!

  1. Never brush your hair when it’s wet. The best practice is to brush your hair out completely before showering. If you need to comb it out after a shower, use a wide tooth comb to avoid hair breakage. Your hair is the most vulnerable when it’s wet, so it’s important to treat it with extra care.
  2. Limit your use of heat tools. Heat can really take a toll on your hair so try to only style your hair with hot tools 2-3 times a week at most. Giving your hair a break during these other days will allow your hair to grow and can prevent breakage and split ends. With some hair serum and dry shampoo you can honestly make a heated hairstyle last at least a couple days, so definitely give this tip a try if you haven’t already!
  3. Cover your pillows with silk pillowcases. This can make a huge different if you typically struggle with knots and split ends. The naturally smooth properties of a silk pillowcase will reduce the friction between your hair and the pillow so you can wake up without bedhead.
  4. Routinely have your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. It’s important to stay on schedule with your trips to the hair salon so that your hair can thrive. Letting split ends hang around for too long will encourage breakage and damage to the rest of your hair as it starts at the split end.
  5. Invest in a hair mask. Deep conditioning when needed can revive dry hair and prevent further damage. Hair masks are great because you usually only need to use them once a week at most, so investing in a good one is easier since it will last a while. I love to put on a hair mask and then get some work done around the house while it sits and works its magic. Then when I rinse my hair out it’s so easy to comb through and feels totally rejuvenated.