First Watch In Arizona


Ok, let's talk food for a second...ok, actually the whole post. It's all about food! Ahhhh... so yesterday I went to a cute little blogger luncheon with some local blogger ladies to try out the new menu items at First Watch. What is First Watch, you ask? 

First Watch is an award-winning, daytime-only restaurant that has been specializing in unique, savory breakfast, brunch and lunch creations since they were founded in 1983. 

The best thing about First Watch (besides the delicious food) is that everything is made fresh to order. You won't find heat lamps, deep fryers or microwaves at any of their locations! The also use the freshest and highest quality foods they can get their hands on! They even try to buy local ingredients when possible.  

At the crack of dawn every single morning you can find their employees in the kitchen slicing fresh fruits and veggies, baking muffins, whipping up French toast from scratch and even making their own juices!


This Season's Eatings (available through December) are....

  • A.M. Superfoods Bowl - Coconut milk chia seed pudding topped with fresh bananas, berries, blackberry preserves and housemade granola. Served with whole grain artisan toast topped with almond butter and Maldon sea salt. 
  • Pot Roast Hash - All-natural, slow-roasted beef Pot Roast in a rich Demi-Glace sauce with house-roasted shallots and peppers atop fresh, seasoned (local) potatoes. Topped with two fresh cage-free eggs any style. Served with fresh fruits and whole grain artisan toast with all natural preserves.
  • Cinnamon Chip Pancake Breakfast - Two fresh cage-free eggs any style with a Cinnamon Chip Pancake and your choice of bacon, turkey, sausage or sausage link. 

I'm also still obsessed with their Power Wrap and Avocado Toast!


First Watch has something for everyone. My husband and I go here for the variety. He loves a big, hearty breakfast (who doesn't?) and I love a little more nutrition and something on the lighter side. We also just feel like you get a LOT of bang for your buck. 

Yes, I got to try this menu for free. But we are long standing customers of First Watch. We love their food. You can really taste the freshness. It's not every day you see this level of fresh foods and ingredients at their price points.