Daisy May Needs a Home


Daisy May: All the single ladies

With her tongue lolling to the side, Daisy May is almost too amusing to be taken seriously. Some dogs will chase toys until they are no more than tattered strings. Others will perform amazing tricks for a tiny morsel of scrumptious kibble. Daisy may will chase toys, and take treats, but her real treat is you; engaged, loving, you. She will sit perfectly, but for a head scratch and a smile. Fetch a toy or ball, but because it pleases you. There’s a powerful authenticity in her love and devotion to you.


Daisy May cares for people deeply, because it is her singular outlet for bonding; she lacks the ability to socialize with other dogs. Her reliance on people allows her to build strong bonds with her new family that will embrace her foibles about four legged friends. This will scarcely hinder her activities with a proactive owner. Leisurely walks, multi-day camping trips, brunches with friends, all of these can be managed with Daisy May by your side. An unfortunate trait should never set lifetime limitations.


When looking for a perfect family, Daisy May would thrive in a house with supportive love and structure.  She would love a family that is lightly active, but they don’t need to be ultramarathon runners. Someone that sees her dog issues as a chance to spend more time truly focused on their new furry family member. Daisy May has so much love to give, all she needs is a chance.